Bonam Preparation

Total Bonalu procedure

• Parmanam (sweet rice)
• Gadalla pulgam/pachanam (yellow rice)
• Thoteelu
• 21/2 kgs vadi biyam to goddess with 5 dried cocounts, 5 dried kajura, 5 pokal, 5 akulu, 2blouse pieces (optional but would be good )

Items need

• Kundalu or small sarvalu (china bindelu) each for one bonam
• China chambulu – FOR pachadi on top of bonam for each
• 2 kanchelu/or stell plate to place it on second small chambu for one bonam
• Thotall – optional , of we can get it from india that’s fine if not we need make it one
• Gumadikaya –over all one for whole event
• Sunam – to put on bonalu
• kukum, to put on bonalu
• pasupu, to put on bonalu and for pacha annam
• puvula mala, to put on bonalu and for temple
• bellam(for parmanam and pachidi),
• 5 small onions for pachannam
• Biyam-RICE for pachannam and paramanam
• Pesarpappu- 50 to 100 gms
• Jilakara- spoon
• Neem leaves
• Small portion curd – table spoon for each bonam
• Tamarind – small piece for bonam
• Allam- small piece for bonam
• Coconut – 2 for each thottel and one for bonam

Cook prama annam with rice and bellam for bonam
Cook pachhanama with rice , 5 small onions, pesarpappu (as needed),jilakara , and pasupu
Bonal procedure : One bonam with sweet rice and one bonam with paccha rice

First clean the first pot and rub with sunam, decorate with kukum pasupu and if possible some flowers garland around it and put sweet rice /yellow rice with spoon for curd in it .
In second pot – which should be placed on first one – for this it should be size to sit comfortable on the first pot
Clean the pot and decorate the same way as first pot.
Make pachidi in second pot – for this take ½ of water in the pot
Add spoon of curd
Add piece of tamarind
Add allam piece (ginger)
Add bellam (jaggery)

Now keep neem leaves on first pot and palce the second pachidi pot on first one .
Then keep two kanchulu (or steel plate on it ) and make deepam using cotton (othulu).

Some one need to carry water on chambu with some neem leaves.

Heading to temple

Break coconut if we are taking thottelu from home – one will carry that
Woman will slowly helped to put bonam on head with cloth .
While going out from home , pour water at door .

We can go to temple with dhole and band
Once reched temple do rounds (pradakshans)
Now some one will take bonam from woman and keep it at goddess , then if deepam is there its fine if not light the deepam and keep at godesss.
From the first post – make saka(pour )in front of bonam as offering bonam to god.
Offer bonam rice to goddess
Tie thotela and break coconut
Break gummadi kaya at temple
If we are taking two kanchelu to temple – leave one at temple and one to home
Pray to god and leav the temple – bonam will not be on head now , they will carry in hand. Bob Gainey Authentic Jersey

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