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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Our Mission: Serve the needs of Telanganites across the world

Our MAST (pronounced masthGuides (Four friends): We strive to achieve our Motto with the help of these four guiding principles:

#1 Motivation (to serve Telanganites)

#2 Accountable (to all Telanganites)

#3 SMART (needs of Telanganites)

#4 Telanganism (our unique culture; a perfect blend of honesty, ethics, humble, bonhomie, selflessness with the rich cultural heritage bridging the old with the new)

Our Oath: Dedicated forever to the service of our fellow Telanganites, while remembering our four friends – our MAST guides.

Our Mantra: for our actions … SMART – anything and everything we do will meet these criteria; this is to optimise the time of the volunteers and our resources in general and increase benefits to the needy.

– Specific (well defined, to help create highly focussed teams)
– Measurable (to be able to quantify and track progress)
– Attainable (realistic targets based on feasibility and resources availability)
– Relevant (urgent / important and relevant needs prioritisation) 
– Time-bound (to help monitor progress and flag issues pro-actively)

The goal always will be to set realistic expectations to the team and the beneficiaries and make the best use of the volunteers’ time and all other available resources.

Some of the examples of the various process groups and activities are:

A. Cultural activities

i)  Music-vocal / Singing

ii) Dance

iii) Stage-plays

iv) Burra-katha

v) Oggu-katha

vi) Dappu / other instruments

vii) Mimicry

viii) Eka-patra-bhinayam

B. Kids activities

            i) Traditional board/home-games

            ii) Traditional out-door games

            iii) Arts & Crafts

            iv) Telugu, Hindi alphabets, grammar

            v) Story-telling, poems

C. Local community activities

i) Environment / Green initiatives (WIN network etc.)

ii) Volunteering for local schools

iii) Volunteering for events at places of worship

iv) Srama-daanam for helping with senior citizens’ garden/lawn work

D. Education / knowledge teams
i) History
ii) Mathematics, Science
iii) Administration / Management
iv) Political Science

      v)  Languages (Telugu, Hindi, English)

      vi) Personality Development

E. Sports

F. Health

            i) Yoga

            ii) Traditional remedies

            iii) Jogging

iv) Cardio-exercises

v) Spiritual wisdom share

G. Traditional Cuisine

H. Parents Workgroups

I. Women Workgroups

J. Social Entrepreneurship

K. Miscellaneous / others….

Note: The above is to give a starting point for everyone interested to join the mission by providing some broad ideas/ thoughts. Feel free to contact us for any specific area of interest or activity you could help with – whether listed here or not.


This will be a dynamic list based on the needs of Telanganites; all our activities will be geared towards fulfilling our stated Mission – to serve our fellow Telanganites.

We aim to continuously monitor our results and fine tune our planned and on-going activities to align to the objectives.

This is about self-empowerment. We want to build strong teams powered by the wisdom, experience and time shared by fellow Telanganites, We strongly believe we all have inherent strengths to lead, motivate, innovate, create, implement and leave a long-lasting impact on our motherland ,And driven by the above stated immediate objectives, we want to identify and mentor leaders who would manage the various workgroups and help monitor the various processes which will aid our mission. We want our work to do the talking; so strongly encourage you to read the message from the team and we look forward to working together.

Message from the team:

This is an open invitation for all – to volunteer or participate in the various activities planned / to-be-planned – to join us in this noble mission to help ourselves and in the process help our Telangana.

This is an open-forum and we are starting with a simple premise or idea that Telangana is what we want ourselves to be. And we want Telangana to be nothing short of – strong, vibrant, well nourished (physically, mentally, emotionally), highly knowledgeable in diverse fields.And a healthy Telangana can then automatically contribute to the well-being of our great country and by extension to the wider world we inhabit.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas…

Join the Mission, join the fun and spread the message.

Jai Bharath

Jai Telangana!


Jai Bharat!



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